Rare Conjoined Twins Actually Have A Triplet Sister
March 20, 2015 #family #impact
By PenolopyBulnick

Mackenzie, Macy, and Madeline Garrison are very rare triplets. They are only the 2nd known case of triplets having a set of conjoined twins. Unfortunately, their biological mother was not able to care for them and they were placed in foster care not long after their birth. Darla and Jeff Garrison had been wanting to expand their family of three boys and when they were presented with the opportunity, they jumped on the chance to foster them.

It was decided the girls would need surgery so they could be separated. They stretched their skin in preparation of the surgery and, though it isn't stated, I believe that is what the bulges on their chest are. They went in for their 24-hour surgery on September 10, 2003 when they were about 9 months old (this means they should be about 12 years old today). The surgery was a success and each girl came out with one leg. They both need to use colostomy bags and because they were growing so quickly when they were young, they had to go through a lot of prostheses, but, today, they are happy and healthy. 

It was two years after the surgery that Darla and Jeff were able to formally adopt all three girls and they moved them and their three boys to a farm in Iowa. 

We want to show you two videos:
1) The first video shows the girls all grown up when they made an appearance on the Today Show. 
2) The second video at the bottom of the page talks about the girls and shows them before they went for surgery. 

First video: girls all grown up (available on desktop browser only) 

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Second video: girls before they went for surgery
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