Parents Experience Medical Miracle After Doctors Say They've Lost The Baby
March 12, 2015 #family #impact #jclu
By Chante Owens

This is one of those miraculous stories that makes you catch your breath. The gift of a child is unlike anything else in this world. The day that a mother brings a baby of her own flesh into this life is one that stays with her forever. These sentiments and many more accompanied parents Kate and David Ogg the day that Kate gave birth to twins at 26 weeks. 

In the video Kate describes how scared she was when she heard that she was going into labor early. After Kate gave birth, her and her husband were anxious to learn the sexes of their children, but quickly realized that something had gone wrong. Doctors informed the couple that they'd lost one of the babies, the baby boy that the Oggs were intending to name Jamie. 

I can't imagine the deep devastation that hit the couple after being informed that one of the babies had been lost. In response to the doctor's announcement, Kate took the baby's form in her arms and cradled his body against her chest; she ordered her husband to take off his clothes and climb into bed so that the baby would have as much body heat as possible. The family stayed this way, skin on skin, and soon noticed something peculiar happening. The baby, previously believed to be lost, started moving around. The Oggs informed the midwives of what was happening, but they only responded by telling the couple that the baby was fading and they needed to say 'goodbye.'  

Fortunately, Kate continued to hold her baby against her chest, and to the great amazement of every person in the hospital room, the baby boy eventually opened his eyes and grabbed his father's finger. There are no words to accurately describe how incredible of an event this truly is. Jamie and his twin sister Emily will soon be turning five years old. They are happy, healthy, and downright adorable. 

There isn't a day that goes by where Kate and her husband don't remember the miracle that made their family the family that it is today. Hold your loved ones a little closer next time you see them. Family is a beautiful gift that should never be taken for granted. 

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