After Delivering Info Of His Parents' Tragic Death, This Cop Steps Up Huge
June 7, 2015 #family
By Gabriel Prusak

It's a day that any cop, or any human for that matter, dreads. A day where you have to put aside discomfort and unease in order to deliver a message laced with tragedy. For police officer Eric Ellison, it was the day he had to inform Kazzie Portie that his parents were killed by a drunk driver one week before his high school graduation. 

Officer Ellison wasn't about to let this devastated teen graduate without support, however, so he showed up to give Kazzie a big hug as he crossed the stage. Eric didn't have to do an ounce more than his job required, but he went above and beyond the call of duty for a teen in mourning. For that we take our hats off to him. 

The images and video below help paint the picture of this tragic, yet touching event.

You are so loved, Kazzie Portie.

A photo posted by @lcmbearfacts on

The Little Cyprus-Mauriceville High School's posted this powerful image of their embrace. You can see how much it means to both of them.

With a heavy heart, Eric Ellison is alone with his thoughts during the graduation ceremony.

Not sure who took this photo, but sometimes that head is full of thoughts and memories of why you do this job.

Posted by Eric Ellison on Monday, June 1, 2015
Below is a video that classmate Blake Henning took of the moment Kazzie crossed the stage.

As Blake pans across the audience, you can witness the crowd's uproar in support, and it just melts my heart.

This was such a special moment. Thank you class of 2015 for making this such a memorable occasion for our family. So proud of you @kazz418 I love you so much. Throughout all of this you have been so strong and we are so proud of you. Thank you for being such a great brother. I am so excited to see what the future holds for you. I know mom and bubba are so proud of you. Again, love you brother and thank you for being who you are.Kazzie Portie

Posted by Blake Henning on Saturday, May 30, 2015
Please share this story if it touched you as much as it touched me. It's so unfortunate that Kazzie's parents had their lives taken by a drunk driver, so he needs all the support he can get. Spread Kazzie's story if you believe in stopping drunk driving once and for all.

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